Musical Tesla Coil

Fall 2012 – Spring 2015

I was a beta tester for oneTesla, an MIT-based educational musical tesla coil startup, at MIT Splash 2012. During that weekend, only one group managed to get any sparks out of their tesla coil, and I promised myself that I would make mine work someday. Since then, I have debugged the hastily-soldered circuit a countless number of times. Equipped with an Analog Discovery USB Oscilliscope I learned how to use that fall, I finally got it working in the spring of 2015. The kit I received was pre-release, so I had to make some modifications to the interrupter to get it to work with the v.1 interrupter firmware on their website.

Photo of the oneTesla Musical Tesla Coil
Mmmmmm... the smell of ozone


.gif of OneTesla Musical Tesla Coil
A .gif for fun