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Fall 2015

An anonymous haiku forum for Android users.

For the student-taught Mobile Prototyping class at Olin, Keenan, Patrick, Hieu, and decided to tackle the challenges of creating a social platform. Using Kuky, users can view, post, comment, upvote/downvote, sort, and favorite haikus, which we call 'Kus'. As a team, we built the full stack using Node.js for the back end, MariaDB for the database, and an Android app for the front end. We also reference Google's Material Design principles to create an intuitive interface.

A hand-drawn wireframe of the haiku feed
A screenshot of the final haiku feed implementation

One of the main aspects I worked on was the front end design. Keenan and I designed wireframes for our app, following Material Design practices such as the floating action button. We talked to many users, getting feedback on our design before implementing it. We also used the Material Design color palette and the Material Design Icon plugin for Android Studio to design a good looking app.

I also worked on the security of the application. Using Passport with Node.js, I implemented authentication on the API endpoints. On the Android end, I worked with Hieu to implement sending basic authentication through Retrofit.

Project Repositories

Server GitHub   |   Android GitHub